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           BizComix™ is a "Must Have" Marketing Tool

Today’s marketers and media buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to
access the right customers with their advertising messages.

Fragmented audiences, growing media options and multi-tasking consumers
are making desired customer reach more challenging.

Today consumers receive a steady barrage of marketing messages from
every conceivable source and are now filtering out advertising unless it is
relevant to them.

Advertisers want new ways to reach consumers beyond traditional mass

Marketers want to be efficient at reaching the people they want to influence.

It’s all about getting your products and services noticed in a crowed media

The new view of marketing focuses on customers not products.

Customers want individual solutions to their problems.

Consumers are starved for quality information that enhances their buying

BizComix™ is a fantastic business marketing concept designed to enhance the
customer connection.   Once limited to comic book creators, custom published
graphic novels are now available to the corporate world of business.  Now you
have the perfect format to talk directly to the customers you want to
communicate with and get their undivided attention. These spectacular
graphic works have enormous appeal for all customer segments.

BizComix™ is a potent marketing weapon to include in your corporate
marketing and media mix.  
BizComix™ not only provides a dramatic way to
connect with customers, they showcase your products and services in ways
that resonate with reader’s to influence the purchasing decision.

BizComix™ leaves a longer lasting impression with the customer.  These
exciting publications engage reader’s attention, hammers home your brand
message and they extend the shelf life of your promotional piece.

BizComix™ publications will get your exact message to the exact customers
you want to impact.

BizComix™ publications create greater receptivity of your business story
with engaging visual graphics that capture and hold audiences.

BizComix™ publications lavishly illustrate how your company provides a more
desirable buying experience.

BizComix™ publications are an indispensable training and educational tool that
can teach your customers to be better buyers of your products , which leads
to more sales and brand loyalty.

BizComix™, through the power of effective story telling in graphic novel
format, can demonstrate how to better use your products and services.  
LifeComix™ will help your customers do business with you!

Nontraditional marketing and other advertising are part of the $40 billion
business that represents over 15% of the $240 billion in ad spending in the
United States. (Source: Ad Age, Custom Comic Services)

Custom publishing has grown to $30 billion annually with 116,000 different
publications and some 32 billion copies circulated each year.

More than 90% of consumers and business professionals who read custom
publications believe they are an informative source of information.  (Source:  
Custom Publishing Council survey in conjunction with the Association of
Publishing Agencies)

Magazine advertising was about 40% more effective than television
advertising and about 60% more effective than radio advertising.  (Source:
Custom Publishing Council survey in conjunction with the Association of
Publishing Agencies)

Important and Worth Repeating: The average comic book is read seven
times by three different readers.  (Source: Ad Age, Custom Comic Services)

When it comes to marketing and sales, BizComix™ will get the job done!
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