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         BizComiX™ is not "funny business!"

         Companies and business organizations use BizComix™
         publications for some pretty serious stuff such as...

Marketing - Sales - Direct Response Advertising
Using your name and products throughout the artwork, we create stories that
hold the reader's interest.  We place
response triggers to influence the
reader to take action.  In addition, we insert full-page advertisements
throughout the book.  While it may look like a comic book, our custom
publications are actually powerful marketing and sales communications pieces
that provide a dramatic way to connect with your customers and influence
their purchasing decisions.

Do you want your ads to be read?  Instead of the typical advertisement,
create a series of comic strips.  We'll help you create an ongoing series of
strips that will create loyal readership.  When is the last time your ads did
that?  And, you know what else?  Your customers will buy!

Put zip into the typical catalog.  Use comic book art to introduce your newest
products and showcase your existing items.  Our artists can make your
products part of the story or create characters that shows up throughout the
book to highlight items, share useful tips and much more.

What a cool way to tell your story!  A brochure disguised as a comic book -
that your customers will want to keep!

Customer Training
This is one of the coolest ways to use BizComix™ publications.  Through a
creative and colorful format, you can teach your customers how to be better
customers.  Teach them how to buy, how to use products and more.  

Employee Training
Spice up employee training.  Take dry subjects and make them interesting
and memorable.  Perhaps it is introducing new company policies or something
as serious as sexual harassment.  BizComix™ publications can help you teach
and train just about any subject you can think of.

Illustrate the history of your company or association in graphic novel format.  
Create characters and action heroes to illustrate how your organization
became the success it is today.

Internal Communications
Communicate your mission statement, core values, corporate goals and more -
like never before!  Imagine your corporate executives coming to you in full
color - as characters in a comic book.  You can create an ongoing series that
motivates and communicates to employees all types of messages over an
extended period of time.

And, there are more!
We are only limited by our imagination.  BizComix™ publications are used to
communicate any message to any audience.  This is one of the most powerful
communication tools you will ever use.  Words to describe our publications are
exciting, colorful, creative, engaging, useful, necessary, unique and...
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