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Comics, (sometimes spelled comix), use a combination of words and
images as a medium for telling stories. They are typically printed on paper,
with the most common formats being newspaper strips, magazine-format  (A
magazine devoted to comic strips) comic books, and larger bound volumes
called  graphic novels.  Graphic novel is a term for a kind of comic book, usually
with long and fairly complex storylines and often aimed at more mature
audiences. (Source: Wikipedia)

History: The origins of the comic can be found in European 18th century
caricatures by artists like the British cartoonist William Hogarth. These
were mostly political satire usually narrated and explained with image
captions and only occasionally with the talk balloons.  Among the first works to
use the narrative style of modern comics was Histoires en Etampes by Swiss
author Rodolphe Töpffer, who created a series of "dramas-in-pictures" that
used sequenced images with captions to retell stories.   (Source: Wikipedia)

Trivia: The world's longest comic strip is 88.9 metres long and on display at
Trafalgar Square as part of the London Comedy Festival.  (Source: Wikipedia)

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Important: The average comic book is read seven times by three different
readers.  (Source: Ad Age, Custom Comic Services)
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