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Shep Hyken - Before and After
Here we have
a picture of
Shep Hyken,
the guy that
And this Shep
after a
makeover.  Our
artist can make
anyone look good!
Shep Hyken  -  Shep is the president of Shepard Presentations, LLC.  He is
a business speaker and author specializing customer service, loyalty,
internal service, sales and motivation.  He works with companies who want
to build loyal relationships with customers and employees.  His articles have
appeared in hundreds of publications around the world, and he is the author
Moments of Magic and The Loyal Customer.

Shep came up with the idea of using a comic book format to communicate
business messages in the early 1990's.  It all started with a customer
service comic book, but it has become much more.  His imagination mixed
with creative writing abilities can communicate virtually any business

Even with a background in art, Shep knew that he needed to team up with a
true artist to help him get his information across in comic and graphic novel
format.  He was lucky when he was introduced to...

Michael Lagocki  -  Michael is an amazing creative artist who specializes in
comic books and strips.  He is one of the few people who have the ability to
mix this talent with business.  It is amazing to watch Michael take notes at
a business meeting.  Most people write their notes.  Michael draws his
notes.  Michael does the drawings, adds the color, helps with the writing
and more.
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