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Hi and Lois - Reprinted With Permission
Hi and Lois - Reprinted With Permission
           What Is BizComiX™?
        We Communicate For You!

Graphic novels tell a story.  In this case it is your story.  We offer a unique
communications vehicle that delivers spectacular graphic works in graphic
novel, comic book and comic strip formats.  

We use the best graphic designers, talented writers and strategic
thinkers working for you to format your business and brand messages in
spectacular graphic works.  We work primarily in two areas:

Marketing Communications & Corporate Communications

Marketing Communications:

Today’s marketers and media buyers are finding it increasingly more
difficult to access the right customers with their advertising messages.
Fragmented audiences, growing media options and multi-tasking consumers
are making desired customer reach more challenging. Today's consumers
receive a steady barrage of marketing messages from every conceivable
source and are now filtering out advertising unless it is relevant to them.

BizComix™ custom publications personalize the exact message you want to
resonate with the audience you select. Branded entertainment is fast
becoming one of the hottest ways to target customers and we bring the
experience to life to generate more transactions.

Our process integrates the use of extraordinary graphic art combined with
compelling custom text and strategic customer marketing. We don’t just
write stories. We produce stimulating content around your brand
experience to capture more reader involvement. Every contact creates a
more meaningful and responsive connection with customers. Our
publications get and hold the customer’s attention, stimulate your brand
awareness and educate the customer about the value of doing business with

BizComix™ publications will help sell, introduce new products, educate your
customers to be better buyers and more!

Corporate Communications:

Communicate your vision, core values, new directives and more. BizComix™
publications grab your employee's attention and help them learn and
understand your most important communiques.

We can help you take technical or soft skills training and turn it into an
easy-to-read and visually appealing format that will help your employees
learn and retain information.

The types of corporate communications are endless.  All types of corporate
messages, training and education are possible.  Multiple messages can be
put into an ongoing series of comic books or comic strips.  Our creative
team will work with you to take your messages and develop spectacular
graphics and compelling copy that will communicate your messages like
never before!
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